Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday, 2/3

advocare meal replacement shake

ww english muffin w/ slice of reduced fat cheese

Campbell's Healthy Request soup
oatmeal banana muffin
dark chocolate square

baby bel light cheese

2 reduced fat triscuits
myoplex lite protein shake with fruit

30 min elliptical
1 hour spin class

I think I'll start rating my days so that I can keep track...
Today was good

Not sure how I'll do the rating...maybe good, average, poor. Thoughts? Ideas?


Linda said...

The bean brownies I made with the regular betty crocker mix were okay. Then I made them with this Mint Truffle brownie mix I found at a specialty store and they were divine! I had bought it for my husband to make as a Christmas treat but was avoiding treat so its just been sitting here. I normally wouldn't eat that many brownies but I'm not going to make 20 svgs and only have 1. I aloted to have them through out the week until the pan was gone...hubby played a big part in eating them too!

The chocolate caramel 1pt bars I buy at weight watchers. They are very good...so are the Peanut butter bliss 1pt bars.

Brandi said...

My thought on rating is to keep it a bit more positive or neutral for the days when you are not on plan. Maybe on plan, close to plan, off plan and "plan? what plan?" ;-)

I only say that so you don't feel more down on yourself after an unsuccessful day...good idea to rate the days.