Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18 2008 *UPDATED

Today was aweful!
1 cup Kashi cereal with 1 cup milk
16oz Hills Bros cappucino (1/2 sugar free, 1/2 regular)

Fat free yogurt

South Beach Meal Kit
Cucumber with lime

And then it all goes down hill...I was hungry...

South Beach Snack Bar
South Beach Dark Chocolate Covered Soynuts
Kashi crackers (6) with Babybel lite cheese
South Beach Snack Bar

and I still thought I was hungry....
more Kashi crackers and way too much peanut butter
Fat free pudding

Texican Lasagna
frozen green beans with almonds
1 serving of weight watchers ice cream

...and I was stuffed....but still ate....

Mike and Ike candy!!!

I need to stop the madness!
The rest of the week will be better!

I forgot to mention that I drank 80oz of water and did a 1 hour weights class.


Brandi said...

At least you journaled it, Cristina! Weigh to go! :-)

(A fellow sweets-lover, I see!)