Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent 2010

Well, I contemplated and contemplated about what to give up. Originally I said I was giving up chocolate and peanut butter. Then I started asking around to see what others were giving up. One person was giving up caffeine, alcohol AND sweets. So, them giving all of that up, got me thinking...I should give up more. So, I decided to give up sweets (including chocolate) AND peanut butter. So, no candy, no cookies, no ice cream, no frozen yogurt, no sitting with the jar of peanut butter, no nothing like that.

I usually have a vita top muffin for a I'll be giving those up as well. To replace the muffins, I'll go back to making the fiber one muffins using applesauce and egg whites. I also usually have a sugar free jello pudding at lunch. I've decided to continue with that, as long as it's not chocolate flavor. Oh and my oatmeal usually has a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder...I'll still add that to give my oatmeal a little's not like I'll be going overboard on unsweetened cocoa powder. :-)

So there you have sweets, chocolate or peanut butter for me for FORTY days!