Sunday, July 6, 2008

Friday, 7/4 & Saturday, 7/5

I decided to combine my food journal for these 2 days because I didn't track what I ate. Actually, I ate so much, I lost track! I was bad, bad, bad! Gosh, I have no self control! I tried to make healthy choices and for the most part I did, but then evening came and I did so good, that I decided to ruin it and eat whatever I could get my hands on.

I will say that I did keep up my exercising though.

On Friday, I did a 5K. I haven't done a 5K in years and I was so sore the day after. I walked/jogged and finished it in 42 minutes.

On Saturday, I did a 1 hour spin class and a 1 hour weights class.

So there you have it.

Sunday is a new day and I'll be back on the wagon...the healthy wagon!