Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm back

I was out of town for a couple of days, I headed down south for the baptism of my nephew, so I didn't do a good job at journaling my food while I was gone.
It was tough stay on track. We left Saturday and were in a car for 8 hours. Came back Monday, another 8 hours. Actually, I did pretty good on the road. I took plenty of healthy snacks and made healthy choices when we stopped to eat. Except on Monday, we stopped at a McD's on the way home and I wasn't going to get anything but I was so hungry. We were taking it to go, so a salad would be too messy, so I asked for a grilled chicken sandwich, plain. We got it to go, got back on the road and when I opened my sandwich, it was crispy!!!! Oh I was so mad. I held off from eating it for 45 minutes but I was hungry! All I had was a bag of dry kashi cereal in the morning when we headed out in the morning, so by 1pm, I was so hungry I was starting to get a headache. I finally ended up eating it. Anyways, I tried to redeem myself...I went to a spin class tonight 2 hours after we got back into town. :)

Here's my food journal for today, Monday, 6/14.
kashi cereal

crispy chicken sandwich from mc d's (no mayo)

SB snack bar
fat free chocolate pudding

Protein shake with fresh fruit

1 hour spin class

probably not as much as I should have had


Blubbery Blogger said...

Hi Cristina!
Ug, don't you hate when the fast food industry tries to kill us? I hate when I go through the drive-thru and I make very wise choices only to find a "free" french fry strategically placed in my bag. That makes me so mad! On another note,I don't know how you go to a two hour spin class, that's super impressive! You are my hero.