Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday, 1/9

I'm going to try tracking some calorie info...

1/2 ww english muffin (cal 70, fat .75, carb 13, fiber 1.5, protein 3)
slice reduced fat cheese (cal 60, fat 4, carb 1, fiber 0, protein 7)
advocare meal replacement shake (cal 220, fat 3, carb 24, fiber5, protein 24)

banana (cal 110, fat 0, carb 29, fiber 4, protein 1)

Mexican Chicken Casserole (cal 350, fat 10, carb 35, fiber 9, protein 32)
Green Beans x 2 (cal 40, fat 0, carg 8, fiber 4, protein 2)
Fat Free Choc Pudding Cup (cal 90, fat 0, carb 20, protein 2)

WOW...I've already had 940 calories and usually I do an afternoon snack, dinner and evening snack...that's no good. I took in an extra 130 cal for breakfast with the muffin and cheese. I've been eating those because I bought for my daughter and she didn't like so I didn't want them to go to waste. Guess I either eat that or my shake for breakfast and NOT both. That's one place to cut. Any other ideas?

hard boiled egg (cal 77, fat 5, carb .6, protein 6)

baked chicken
green beans
ranch style beans

a couple of triscuits with peanut butter
too too many m&m's

1 hour spin class (according to my Heart Rate Monitor, burned 450 calories)