Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, Fresh Start

Happy New Year everyone! I'm back. Well, I *tried* to keep a food journal while out of town and I semi-succeeded. I kept a journal Friday through Tuesday, started one on Wednesday and never looked back. Well, I did look back and I was eating so bad and doing so much grazing that I would loose track of all I ate.

Here's a sampling of the journals I kept.
Friday, 12/26
3-4 cookies
protein shake
south beach meal
mc d salad with grilled chicken and lite italian dressing
apple dippers with caramel
3 cookies
exercise - spin and upper body weights

Saturday, 12/27
protein shake
1/2 kashi bar
candy and cookies (too many)
3 slices pizza

Sunday, 12/28
cinnamon roll
bbq sandwich and corn
cookies (too too many)
candy and chips (too many)

Monday, 12/29
8 cookies, doritos, 2 candies, marshmallows
1 hour walk
mexican food
more candy and cookies

Tuesday, 12/30
1 hour walk
chicken sandwich and soup
candy, cookies
cheese burger
cookies, candy, doritos

Need I say more...


Brandi said...

"need I say more..." You make me laugh! :-) "tis a new year, my friend!