Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, 1/21

advocare meal replacement shake

boiled chicken with salsa verde
green beans
fat free refried beans with chopped tomatoe
piece of dark chocolate

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Cup (i purchased the little cups but OHHHHH I was SOOOOOO tempted to get the ben and jerry's frozen yogurt pint...i really really had to talk myself out of it)

Another snack
2 sugar cookies

And then I go downhill...
My daughter and I went to the grocery store this afternoon. While we were there, I thought we'd go ahead and buy Daddy his Valentine's card and then we went down the candy aisle and we picked out a reese's peanut butter heart for him. I told her we were going to hide it when we got home because it was for VDay. Well, we hid it and when my husband got home from work, she ran to him and told him to close his eyes because she had a surprise for him. Yep, she went and got the Reese's heart and gave it to him. I guess I should have stressed a little more that VDay was not for another couple of weeks. :) Well, she was so excited that she showed it to him and proceeded to open it for him and ask for some. Yes, poor girl got the same sweet tooth that her Mommy has. I tell you...if I ever get pregnant again, I WILL NOT EAT SWEETS WHILE PREGNANT...I wonder if I did that, if that child would not care for sweets. Anyways, Reese's was opened, she got her piece and my husband and I devoured the rest.
Then to top it off, the evening turned stressful. All of a sudden it hit me that I didn't have my wedding ring on and I could not for the life of me remember if I took it off or when it went missing, yada yada yada. Oh I stressed. I realized I didn't have it on my way to Walmart to pick up an item I was missing for the dinner I was making. So, while at Walmart I picked up some Fro Yo (yes! Ben and Jerry's Frozen Yogurt!). Anyways, after a stressful 1 hour (seemed like an eternity) I found my ring...had 2 servings of Indian Tacos for dinner and yes! I will be eating the pint of fro yo after my daughter goes to bed. There you have it....

By the way, my husband was pretty stressed about the ring missing. Now that I've found it, he's lots better. He went so far as to shake my head to make sure it was attached. I just looked at him and told him that the least he could have done, while I was a ball of stress, was tell me "don't worry was time for a new one"...ha ha ha! His response was "i was already going through the numbers in my head and trying to figure out the damage since we wouldn't have a diamond to trade in"...ha ha ha!

1 hour tone and sculpt class


Debs said...

i guess we all have stressful days. Put yesterday behind you and look forward to a great day today :)
Glad you found your ring!