Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Away

Well, I said I'd journal while I was away and I kind of, sort of but not really did. :) Does that make sense? I can tell you the jist of what I ate but I did not track all the in between because it was a lot at random times.

dinner - lasagna with bread
snacks - cookies, brownie

breakfast - egg casserole
lunch - sandwich with deli meat, cheese and baked chips
dinner - make your own pizza on flat bread with pepperoni (some regular, some turkey, black olives, cheese, green peppers)
snacks - too many cookies, brownies

breakfast - english muffin with cream cheese
dinner - chicken nachos, cheese and queso, hot fudge sundae
snacks - too many cookies, brownies, 100 cal bags of reeses and hershey's

There you have it...back on track this week.


Brandi said...

At least you were "good" on Friday! Sounds like y'all had some yummy food! :-) Back on track this week!