Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, 3/24

My breakfast/snack are kind of combined and semi-backwards today. I headed into work this morning and I was planning on having protein shake for breakfast and a banana if I was still hungry BUT when I got to work, I realized I left my laptop at home, so back home I go. I was hungry, so I ate the banana in the car and when I got home, I made some oatmeal for breakfast...that was at almost 10am...so good enough to tidy me over until lunch.

advocare spark
choc pb oatmeal

indian tacos with tomatoe/ff sour cream
mixed veggies (cauliflower, brocolli, carrots)

weight watchers yogurt
1/2 serving almonds

1/2 scoop whey protein
1hr spin class

myoplext light protein shake w/ fruit
hard boiled egg


Jennifer said...

Hello, Ms. Discipline! This is a GREAT idea. SIXTY-FOUR POUNDS?!?!?!? I'd say you're doing a few things very well! WOW!!!! I'll be keeping my eye on an old pro. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!!! And keep up the EXCELLENT work!

Tacos al carbon...is that what I think it is? If so, it's pretty easy to do, right? And why does everything sound so much tastier in espanol???? :)