Monday, July 28, 2008

Crazy Busy

Hi there! I'm still here. Life just got crazy busy and I slacked on journaling what I've been putting on my mouth. I definitely need to practice self-control and making healthy choices when life gets so busy.

On Thursday, I did good, until after dinner. Yes, after dinner, I fell off the healthy wagon and got run over! For dinner that evening I had a protein shake because I was short on time. So, after my daughter went to bed, I had a wild idea and I wanted Taco Bell. So, Taco Bell I had. I fell apart...had 2 taco supremes and some mashed potatoes with gravy plus a couple of South Beach Snack Bars. I drank plenty of water and exercised hard but reason to head to Taco Bell and take advantage of the South Beach snack bars.

Friday was a good day. Lots better than Thursday. I can't remember what all I ate but for the most part, I stayed on plan. I might have had an extra healthy snack but I was back on the wagon. I got my spin class in and drank plenty of water.

Saturday was super busy, on the go most of the day. Got a 1 hour spin class and a 1 hour weight class in to start the day, then I took my daughter to a birthday party, had dinner with some friends and after dinner we took the girls to a movie. I stayed on plan all day but I did give in to M&M's at the movie. exercise today....another crazy day. I was hosting a jewelry party on Sunday, so I was busy busy busy getting ready for that. I had a nice spread of appetizers and I used lowfat and light everything. :) I didn't do too terribly bad but oooohhhh, that cream cheese fruit dip was AWESOME!!! :)

Today, Monday is a new day and I'll let you know how I did when it's over. :)