Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shrinking Days of Summer Challenge - Week #5

I can't believe that we're already on week #5, this is going by way too fast and I still have a long ways to go. Well, I need to make the most of it.

I am down this week, slightly, but I'll take it...down is down.

7/1 - 176.6
6/24 - 177.2
6/17 - 178.4
6/10 - 182.0
6/3 - 178.6

It seems so hard for me to pull big numbers, I rarely ever pull a big number. Maybe it has to do with my rough weekends. I seem to do so good during the week and then the weekend rolls around and I don't know what happens...I let my guard down and indulge way too much.

I'm going to try harder this coming weekend to stay in control. It's going to be hard because of the holiday and my sister and nephews are coming into town and staying with us but I'm going to try.

Sure would love to see 175 next week! Until then....


Brooke said...

you can do it - just decide that you're going to and don't let anything get in your way!

Mommy Mo said...

Are you my twin sister? For me, I do so well at home, but put me on the road traveling, and well, it's a struggle to just maintain and not gain. And of course, I have been traveling practically the whole month of June.

Congrats on your loss- it is a LOSS!

april said...

Weekends can be hard for me too! Just keep at it! You'll get there!!

Anonymous said...

Losing is losing. It will all add up. Remember that indulging a little is not a bad thing, but OVERindulging is...unless you have trouble stopping after the first one. Then you should have a plan on what to do/eat when temptation strikes. Be strong! You can do it!