Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Maintaining...

...and I need to step it up.

I've stepped up my workouts because I signed up to do a 5 week boot camp at the gym and yet I still workout and/or do the classes that I had been doing before but lately I've been indulging too much and I need to stop.

The boot camp that I signed up for is about to end, this is week 5, so I need to go in this week to get my measurements. I'm scared to go in because I think I might have gained a lb or two from my last weigh in, I'm not looking forward to it. So, I'm waiting until Thursday, hopefully that's enough time to get rid of those 1 or 2 lbs I think I've put on. So, I need to be diligent these next few days so my measurements aren't so bad.

I've also signed up for a Biggest Loser competition at the gym and that ends at the end of my goal is to finish in the top 5, right now I'm in the top 6, so I need to step it up a notch.

I've also got a formal wedding that I'm going to in early June and I bought my dress yesterday. Well, I could stand to loose 10lbs so that the dress looks even better on I NEED to stick to my healthy eating and exercising.

Onward and downward...on the scale. :)


Brandi said...

It's good that you keep signing up for these competitions...sounds like great motivation!