Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boot Camp #1 Coming to a Close

Well, I'm just about done with Boot Camp, the last day is this coming Saturday. I made it, 5 weeks! Yeah! I'm so pumped and excited!

We were supposed to do our fit test last night, to compare against the fit test we did on the first day, but it was pouring last night, so we weren't able to do it all. We got the sit ups and push ups done, but we weren't able to do the running. So, this Saturday, the last day of boot camp, we'll do the running portion.

At the end of class, on the last day, they give out awards for people that improved the most, lost the most, etc. Since this is my first one, I'm not sure exactly how it works, but I guess I'll find out Saturday.

I went in today to have my measurements taken. On Saturday I'll get a sheet with my before and after numbers but I do know I lost 8lbs and approx 10 inches all around. I'm excited.

The measurements that I took this morning will also count towards the Biggest Loser Challenge that I signed up for. It turns out that this week was weigh in, so the measurements they took for Boot Camp will count towards Biggest Loser. I think weigh in for Biggest Loser is through this Sunday, so I imagine that next week they'll have the results posted. I hope I'm still in top 6 or that I've moved up a little!!! I think the Biggest Loser ends at the end of May, so I've still got one more month to work on it.

So, since I had such good results with the Boot Camp, I signed up again. We get 1 week off and the next one starts on May 11.

Can't wait!

Once I get my final results on Saturday, I'll post.