Thursday, May 28, 2009

Biggest Loser Challenge

At the beginning of March I signed up to enter a Biggest Loser Challenge at my gym. I weighed in on March 1st and today, May 28th, I weighed in for the finale.

I won't know the results of the Challenge until next week because people can weigh in through this Saturday but when I find out how I did, I'll post. I chose to weigh in today since I work from home and I could go first thing in the a.m. when the gym opens.'d I do...not bad if I say so myself. :-) Of course, I could have done better but I did pretty good.

I lost 18lbs in about 12 1/2 weeks, 3% body fat and I think 6" in my waist.

I hope this was good enough to finish in the top be continued...